Knowledge and Understanding Questions - Unit 10

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Can anyone help me! Am a distance learner so unable to phone Kaplan today.
Am doing my Unit 10 project and have included elements 10.1 and 10.2 in my report. Am confused to the Knowledge and Understanding Questions - do I have to make sure that these are all answered within the report or is this something which is done separately?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Sorry I did ICAS under QCF.

    Have you tried looking on the AAT website as they do have unit 10 guidance notes and unit 10 FAQ.

    Also with ICAS if anything could not be included in the body of the report it could go in the appendix.
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    Hi there,

    I'm working on my unit 10 simulation at the moment and i have covered most things within the report but some have been covered by appendices such has an organisational chart and a memo which is to be circulated to staff members covering several items as well as showing commuincation skills.

    I have found that after my first draft and looking at the K and U's there are some paragraphs where i have added in the odd sentence such as grading risks or stating job roles which allows some of the criteria to be covered.

    Hope i've helped!!
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    Hi Nicky, i was in the same situation about a month ago... I'm pretty certain you have to include the additional questions/answers in addition to the main report. I think this is kaplans way of making sure everything has been covered although it does seem a bit rediculous! Seem to remember it took a few hours to answer them all and was easy once i got going.

    I included the questions/answers in the appendix as advised by a kaplan distance learning tutor, although this was not cross referenced to the main report !!

    Haven't heard anything back yet, fingers crossed!

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    Thanks for all your replies - that does help. I really don't like this Unit!!
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