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I'm due to take my financial performance exam in a couple of weeks and was wondering what people who have taken it thought of the exam.

Is it similar to the practice CBE and the past papers?

On the personal tax exam a lot of the questions were worded quite badly in my opinion - are the questions understandable on this paper?




  • sarah n
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    Hi I did mine a couple of weeks ago & it was very much the same as the practice CBA on the website. I also found the Osborne "financial performance" workbook really helpful for revision as the actual cba exam questions are worded the same & set out the same. As long as you know how to work out variances, ratios & can comment & evaluate them you should be fine. I was dreading this cba but it was actually ok. Best of luck!
  • keane155
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    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your reply. It's good to hear that it is is similar to the practice exam. I am using the Osborne book. I'm going through the questions at the back of each chapter so hopefully I'll end up with something similar on the exam.


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