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DFS December 2009 Task 1.4

michaelar25michaelar25 New MemberRegistered Posts: 12

Im just doing 1.4 on dec 09 paper and cant figure out were the figure of £2998 for the post Acquisition comes from on the goodwill calculation, or the £2441 on the retained earrnings.

Any help would be much appriciated.


  • exam panicexam panic Well-Known Registered Posts: 157
    come from retained earning 8332-retained earning @1of nov 5344=2988
  • exam panicexam panic Well-Known Registered Posts: 157
    and now you get 2988 *75%=2241 because they bought 6000 share out of 8000 of the company there fore they own 75% of the company so they share 75% of it profit I hope this will help you
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