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I am wondering if anyone can help me with the following.

I am trying to produce a payroll report which shows employee's Gross Pay, Deductions and Net Pay, like you can do in Sage, however, Quickbooks doesn't seem to do such a thing.

Unfortunately, the company payroll I run on Quickbooks has about 8 items that make up gross pay, which leaves the reports very long winded as it insists on listing each item individually and wont actually add them up to show Gross Pay.

Does anyone have any advice for me, I do not seem to have had any luck with the software support people!



  • babsa
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    Try moneysoft Payroll Manager it is really good. Download a trial run.
    It's almost like useing a spreadsheet it's that easy and moneysoft will listen to any idea and try to change the software to suit the users.

    I know this may not help but as it is April now the time to change.
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