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I wonder if anyone can help me.

I am a student AAT member, however I run a small payroll bureau that I is sub contracted from a chartered accountants. Due to the fact that so far, all my work has been sub-contracted I have not needed to be individually licensed.

My problem arises as I have a couple of people who wish to use my services that do not need other accountancy services, I would like to engage these clients with myself and purchase the relevant indemnity insurance, however will I need to be licensed? According to AAT I can apply for exemption as my turnover is currently less than £1000, however this seems to apply to full members only, not student members.

Does anyone have any advice?


  • Monsoon
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    If you're a student member, you don't have to be licenced :)
    As long as you act within your competence and don't reference the AAT at all, you can pretty much do what you like.

    It's only when you get full membership the MIP rules kick in.
  • zara5034
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    Thanks very much, although, that almost seems worse! Would I be better off not becoming a member!
  • burg
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    The advantage of being a member is having the qualification, being able to demonstrate to clients and potential clients that you are qualified and professional and that you keep up to date through CPD. As well as giving them somewhere to complain should they need.

    There are plenty of accountants who are unqualified that do perfectly well but personally I think it adds quite a lot.

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