Online VAT services (Deferment)

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Does anyone use the online Deferment service offered by HMRC?

The company I work for has regular usage of their deferment account and would like to keep on top of it a bit better, instead of just receiving a call from our freight forwarders saying the account is up to it's limit and need money 'NOW'! The periodic deferment statements seem to take forever to get to us, by the end of the month we're lucky if we've received the one for week 2!

The middle of last month I applied to use the online service to access the deferment statements thinking we would be able to get up to date info when we needed it. Twice i've requested and activiation PIN, and twice I haven't received one, in the meantime to deferment statments seem to have slowed down even more!

I'm also waiting for the monthly VAT certificate to arrive (the green one), its nearly the end of March and I'm waiting for the February one. I was told they were posted on 20th, even with 2nd class post i would have thought it would have arrived by now! It's frustrating!

I call the helpdesk to chase up the activation for the online service and get told to give it a few more days and if it doesn't arrive, request a new one! I just want weither the info to arrivei n a timely manner in the post, or to be able to access it online! ARGH!!!

Sorry for the rant, just frustrated, I need my green sheet (technical term!!) so I can get my VAT return for February submitted!
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