What Bank?

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Thank you everyone who helped re the software, now I want suggestions on the bank account I have looked at some comparison sites for businesses but I would prefer to have first hand advice and suggestions.



  • burg
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    Personally I use RBS and have done since day one. Never really had any problems can more often than not get hold of my business manager and waiting times are usually low.

    I have had clients who have chosen Santander based on the free banking offer. Seems to be really great until something is needed from a person but I have no experience personally.

  • T.C.
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    Everyone's experiences of banks will be different. Personally I think it depends on what contact you need with a bank. HSBC are great for the running of accounts, but not so hot if you want to talk to someone. Lloyds tend to want to be a little too involved in your dealings. NatWest aren't really a 'business persons' bank anymore - they seem to be more helpful with private individuals. Barclays, well, they are just Barclays.
    I would suggest that you pick a bank with free banking and see how it goes, you can always change when the free banking runs out.
  • Monsoon
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    It depends what you need. If you don't need credit and just need to pay money in and pay money out, any of them should be good enough.

    I've been with Santander from the beginning (Abbey as it was then) and short of a couple of minor issues, I have no complaints. Given that it's free, I certainly have no complaints.
  • Annierags
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    Thank you all very helpful, I know what I need now.
  • cobbles
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    I use Barclays Bank you have access to a business manager and free banking for the first year. I just incorporated on the 1st April (Friday)called my business manager for my sole trader account, new account opened on the 4th (Monday) business manager visited me with all the forms job done. Great Service
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