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Hi again,

My membership expired on 1st February 2011 and when I rang AAT they said they give you 3 months grace to make payment which would be 1st May 2011, if payment is not made by then what are the implications of not getting membership? Reason I ask is because I am looking at my finances (due to new job) and may not be able to make full payment by then, I can make full payment by 5-6th May but would they be willing to wait? Or could I pay £37 in April and £37 in May?

Any advice is much appreciated


  • PGM
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    I'd definitely contact AAT before the deadline and explain your position. They don't want to lose members so I'm sure they have schemes available.
  • AK002
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    Not got a credit card you can chuck it on for the short period between 1st and when you can pay on the 6th.

    If you pay it back before the end of the month you pay no interest.
  • oli
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    Don't have a credit card AK002 so will contact them and explain the situation, I could definately pay half in April and explain that my DFS exam is also in April which needs paying aswell and I would pay the other half in May.

    Thanks for the advice guys
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