Deletion of files from a hardrive

Baggybooks Registered Posts: 522 Epic contributor 🐘
I've installed 'shredder' software but I don't know where to drag the files from to shred - stuff from my recycle bin and web history etc. Where are they stored?


  • katie2008
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    74 views and not one response??

    I didnt want to read and run lol.

    I am not sure where they are located, and it might be difficult to link it with recycle bin...

    Have you tried creating a new folder, maybe on the desktop, restore your items and transfer them to this folder, then tell the scanner to shread that folder..

    Just having images of you shredding your recycle bin....

    Good luck

  • Baggybooks
    Baggybooks Registered Posts: 522 Epic contributor 🐘

    Thanks. Decided to keep the PC, bit easier.
  • Yazi
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    In the settings option of your software = delete file 35 times...(once wont do it.)

    This will make sure all deleted items are gone and 'shredded' forever.....apparently.
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