HELP - Can't get balance sheet to match :(

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Hi All,

I'm currently in work and doing some forecasting for my company - 2 years P&L/CASHFLOW/BALANCE SHEET - its a hard slog. I can't get the balance sheet to tie up to the profit - think i have a sum wrong somewhere...

Any help welcome...



  • jenny3549
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    I know the feeling - I hate the forecasting time of year with the banks breathing down my neck. Take a break and then come back to it is my first suggestion. Then go through each part one by one. I always use a YTD sheet on mine to tie everything up and balance. In other words balance sheet at the top, P&L at the bottom with the totals all balancing to zero. If you have something like this check which column you have a difference in.

    If not, first of all consider VAT as this often throws things out, don't forget cashflow will account for VAT on things, P&L won't but the liability will be in the balance sheet.

    Without knowing where you are it's hard to suggest what to look at. If you want to pm me with what you've got so far I can have a look for you.
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