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Hi everyone.

I have been running sage instant payroll each month and now it is the tax year end. I have remembered that the consultant that I am doing the wages for has not actually worked and earned any money for three months for June/July/August. The reason I did not adjust the account is that he is always taking money out of the business and then I adjust for salary and the rest is either part of expenses and drawings if he takes to much. How do I change sage instant payroll to reflect the three months not worked? I did not want to restore back to the months when he did work I just want to be able to amend. Can I go ahead and do this is maintain employers pay breaking down the adjsutments?


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    Before you do anything take a backup.

    There is a 'roll-back' facility in Sage Payroll and what you need to do is 'roll-back' the selected employee to the first pay date that you need to change. I can't remember off the top of my head where it is, I think it is on the first drop-down menu.

    It is quite straightforward.

    You then need to re-run that particular employee for all the missing periods, don't forget to print any payslips and reports as you do each period.

    It does mean that you'll end up with extra reports for each month as, if you are only altering one employee it will print for that employee alone. You will need to make sure that your P32 Inland Revenue summary is correct too (and pay over any adjustments).

    Main thing is to take a backup first and if you bu**er it up you can restore and start again.

    Sorry I haven't got Sage Payroll on this computer or I would give more specific instructions, but it honestly is quite easy.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much. I have just done what you suggested and my workings have now all changed and this looks fine. I will check my P32 etc before I move on.

    Thanks again
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