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Shell B
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Hello All

Is there anyone in the same boat as me where they feel like they are not getting anywhere at all with this unit??????

I could really do with some helpful advice as i find costing very difficult, i just cant get my head round everything and the thought of having to type a report on the perfomance indicators is filling me with dread too. For me personally 2.5 hrs to do this exam is not enough and i hear that budgeting is very much like this unit too so not looking forward to that unit either.

Does anyone else feel the same?????

Shell B


  • PGM
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    Try some past papers, might put it all into perspective.
  • SandyHood
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    Is anyone running classes near where you live/work?
    Could you attend?

    Sometimes a person talking through the topics can make more sense than reading a book.
  • gemmahutchings7
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    I am struggleing with this paper too Shell. I am so bored of reading the text it isnt even going in anymore!!
    So i sympathise with you completely.
  • eloise
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    I thought i had this one done, I have just failed again but I am appealing as I did everything I could to get a pass. I have no idea where I went wrong. It is basically the same as the on line one.

    I would just learn all the formulas and memorise the answers to the questions at the end then you can change to your exam questions.

    Good luck, I hope you do better than me.
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