Why did you become an MIP?

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A question for all the Members in Practice. What made you decide to become an MIP?

Was the decision forced on you due to redundancy? You wanted to work for yourself? Sick of working to someone else's rules? Wanted to make the profits yourself? Wanted to help small businesses? You get the idea!!

I ask because I've decided to become an MIP myself and am interested in other people's thought processes compared to mine!


  • KaelaH
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    It's something I always fancied doing and it works for us.
    I'm lucky I guess, it's a big jump to take giving up paid employment to start up on your own so I never did it. However, after 2nd baby was born I stayed home to bring up kids and didn't go back. Youngest is now 3 and in preschool, eldest now at school so I decided it would be a fab time to start and I can gradually build up on income as my time becomes available and my confidence increases with experience.
    I have to say, I'm enjoying every minute of it but never realised I had so much to learn!
    What about you? Whats helped you take the plunge?
  • Sarah-Lou
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    Ideally I'd like to be working for myself more and employed less - when my children have an event at school I want to be able to go without having to consider there aren't any staff to cover me at work, when it's sunny I want to be able to walk my dog!! Oh and I absolutely love the freedom of working for myself, only small at the moment and probably charging way too little but am loving every bit of it!
  • Monsoon
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    Being very literal, I became a MIP because when I qualified for full membership of AAT, I was already working for myself full time, so I was obligated to join the MIP scheme. :lol:

    I began working for myself because I'm unemployable.
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