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Heading towards the end of AAT Level 2, which on the whole I found very straightforward. I will also complete IAB Level 3 in June. My tutor, who teaches me for both, has indicated that I could jump straight to Level 4, as long as I cover Costing over the summer. I intend to do Excel advanced and Sage over the summer as well.

I do want to fast track to self employment, but not foolishly.

I have been doing the books for my partners business, a sole trader, since Sept 2010 and I volunteer at a charity as well, so I am getting some experience.

So my question, is what would your response be to someone considering jumping Level 3? Can it be done and at what cost (not monetary)?


  • Rinske
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    I'm sure it can be done. I'm however not sure about the difference between AAT and IAB level 3, so you might want to look into that.

    If you need to cover costings, it seems to me you don't skip it completely, but not sure if you have to sit the exam for it or not.

    Going from level 3 to level 4 is considered a big step up, if you skip level 3, be aware that the step up will be even bigger!

    If you feel confident you can work it out and you can see no issues with the above or any other points raised here, I'm sure you can do it!

    (I would however just check with the AAT it can be done this way, rather than being disappointed once you finished level 4.)
  • Sailorgirl
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    Thanks Rinske. I doubt I will jump it to be honest, my tutor mentioned it to a couple of us who study IAB and AAT with her, and who seem to have grasped the basics pretty quickly. However, I do not wish to run before I can walk, tempting as it may be.
    Good point about checking it with AAT first. Would be a right pain to get to the end only to be disappointed.
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    I see people skip foundation and go 3-4 I did and work out for me but 2-4 I'm not so sure
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    Hello Sailorgirl

    As Rinske has said going from level 3 to level 4 is considered a big step up, if you skip level 3, be aware that the step up will be even bigger!

    I have just completed Level 3 and start level 4 this week. I've had a quick preview of the first few chapters of my material and not sure that I could/would necessarily understand it fully if I had not completed Level 3.

    I guess some people are able to pick things up quicker and easier than others. If you feel confident enough I would say go for it but I would also check with the AAT to check that this is ok. If you have time on your side you can complete Level 3 in about 3 months (I think from a previous post) I completed mine in 6/7 months.
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    I didn't think you could skip level 3. Worth asking the AAT for sure.
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    I was under the impression you couldnt skip as well, my local college wouldnt let us do level 4 without level 3 - or level 3 without some previous qual. I would defo check with AAT.
  • Sailorgirl
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    I have checked with AAT, and as long as you get a letter from your college confirming that they are okay with it, and that you are not missing anything, then its okay. The letter is crucial because ordinarily AAT say you have to have levels 3 and 4.

    It is only because I am doing IAB level 3 as well as AAT Level 2 that my tutor has suggested it, because a lot of stuff will be repeated in AAT Level 3 that I am already doing.

    Still not certain though!
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