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Kay Thompson
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Can any one give a "simple" explanation for this


  • Monsoon
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    No! :lol:

    This might help - or it might be clear as mud!
  • babsa
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    in a nut shell Director pay ni like tax it's cumlative.

    Directors can pay NI each week / month, depending on how much they earn.
    The other option is to pay NI in the last few months but this again will depend upon how much the earn to when the director NI kicks in.

    If they pay NI in the first few months then have no pay towards the end of the year they could show a refund on NI.

    When you then print off the P60 at the year end it will calculate NI evenly.

    Were you and I could earn

    £95.00 one week and show no NI

    Then earn £195.00 the next week. The P60 will show a week missing in NI allowance.

    Hope this helps.
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