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i have 2 spreadsheets and i need to copy the formula from one to another.

it is a choose formula which when a certain cell is changed it picks up info from another tab in that book. the problem is that when i copy the formula from the original spreadhseet, it puts the original file name etc into the formula. i dont want to link it, i just want to copy - how do i do this?




  • PGM
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    Click on the cell which has the formula

    Then press F2 or click on the formula bar at the top which displays cell contents

    Highlight the formula text and copy it

    You can then paste that exact text wherever you want it
  • taskey
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    b rill, thanks for the quick response - and it works )))

  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Taskey

    Another way of doing this is to select the cell where the formula is, copy (using Ctrl C or the toolbar copy icon) and then Paste Special Formula (Alt, E, S and F) although this is a little longer than PGMs method.

    One thing to be aware of when copying formula is if you have used absolute/relative/mixed referencing within your worksheet.

    Hope this helps in the future.

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  • Louise89
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    If you have two spreadsheets;
    -Input sheet where you input your figures and where all your formulae are
    -Output sheet will show all the figures calculated from the input sheet and will update when you alter the input sheet.

    You can also alter the layout of the output sheet, so it looks nice - good for sales boards, presentations etc.. so your input sheet is basically your rough workings and output is the good version.

    So you copy and paste link (paste special then paste link in 2010)

    Also you can remove Zero values by going to Tools > Options > Untick zero values
    2010 - File > Options > Advanced > scroll a little bit til you find where to untick

    It will update, but you should save both spreadsheets after inputting new data.
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