Accounting Software for a Mac

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Good morning all, I wonder if someone could recommend a good (simple) accounting package, that I can recommend to a client, that will run on a Mac. I would have recommended MYOB, but I believe that has been taken over by Mamut - can you still get MYOB, or is there a similar Mamut package?

Any help would be gratefull received - many thanks


  • deanshepherd
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    MYOB on the Mac was (is) a PITA so I would be in no hurry to sign up to Mamut.

    A client of mine uses Moneyworks (by Cognito software) and is very happy with it. I have yet to see the figures so couldn't comment on it myself.

    Your client could always go for an online version which is therefore accessible by any platform (Mac or PC). E.g. Kashflow, FreeAgent, WinWeb..
  • mastrypuncher
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    I use Moneyworks Gold for mac and it is easy to set up & very user friendly. Well pleased with it.
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