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Does any one here offer incorporation services and if so do you use any software for it or do you doi it manually?


  • ademoore
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    My two cents - I can do it, and make that known to clients, however, from a personal point, I offer them two options - have me do it and pay for it, or do it online yourself for a fraction of the cost and then just let me have the necessary paperwork!

    There are some great websites that offer company registrations, and worth a look around occasionally to see what deals they offer. If you want to know which ones I put forward, let me know and I can give you those.
  • slackda
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    Yeah that would be cool, im looking at providing it as a service and im looking to incorp another company and was wondering what the best route was,
    I recently helped out my brother with his , he downloaded all the required forms and i helped him fill in the blanks, was wondering if there are easier ways.
  • Monsoon
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    We offer the service. We use an online formation house to do the formation (£20 or so) - given how cheap it is there's no need to pay more, or to go through and do it manually to save a fiver. We use

    We charge this on to the client at considerably more; they are paying for getting the company set up properly (not giving themselves £10k of share capital by mistake!), relevant advice as to whether incorporation suits their circumstances, and setting the Co up for CT, PAYE, VAT etc as applicable.

    If you're incorporating a sole trader, I would price it higher than a regular 'new start up' incorporation as there is tax planning and transfer of assets involved which is complex; if they are saving a good amount of tax then it's worth paying for :)
  • Nick
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    online agent service

    I offer an incorporation service too - . Very quick, easy and good value. I charge a fairly decent mark up depending on whether is is a new or existing business. As Monsoon said, its all about the value of the add-on services and tax planning issues as to the fee you charge.
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