Engagement letter question

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For those of you who use the AAT's model engagement letter (or a modified version), do you use this section?
It is agreed that we should carry out the following accounting and other services:

(a) keep the records of receipts, payments and balances;
(b) reconcile the balances monthly with the bank statements;
(c) post and balance the purchase and sales ledgers;
(d) extract a detailed list of ledger balances;
(e) prepare details of the annual stocktaking and work in progress, suitably priced and extended in a form which will enable us to verify the prices readily by reference to suppliers’ invoices;
(f) complete the postings to the nominal ledger; and
(g) prepare the accounts for approval by yourselves.

You have agreed that you or your staff will:

(detail items (a) to (g) above, as appropriate)

Reason I ask, is that it's a bit of a moveable feast with some clients! And I don't want to have to re-issue engagement letters every year or even a few times a year.

Obviously the scope of the bookkeeping is an important part of quoting for a job and also in terms of liability with the client. I am revising my LoEs at the moment and I would quite like to omit the above entirely. I would be content to just say something that acknolwedges bookkeeping and states it will be discussed bewteen us separately as the scope of who does what may change from time to time.

I would always therefore have email correspondence on this subject.

What do you think?
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