AAT Qualified Yeeessssss !!!!

Barry Registered Posts: 101 Dedicated contributor πŸ¦‰
After a long hard slog I finally got my letter to say I am MAAT :)

I would like to thank everyone on here for their help over the years. These forums are amazing and full of amazing people. I would like to particularly thank Sandy Hood for his words which helped me through PEV which I found impossible. I couldn't go to your revision course because of a family bereavement but your advice got me through.

Steve your posts on here are a massive help and your DFS revision day in Manchester helped me get through it. You are the best accounting teacher I have ever come across and I learned more from you in 1 day than I did the entire course at my college. You are an amazing font of knowledge and everything you taught me will stick with me throughout my work and my further studies.

I am off to celebrate with my family for the weekend and then think about whether I do ACCA/CIMA.


  • Monsoon
    Monsoon Registered Posts: 4,071 Beyond epic contributor πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
    Congratulations! Have an AWESOME weekend!! :thumbup:
  • Steve Collings
    Steve Collings Registered Posts: 997 Epic contributor 🐘
    Well done Barry!! Enjoy the celebrations and thanks for the kind words! Now I hope to see you on a different kind of lecture of mine - a CPD lecture!! You have all that to look forward to now but I can promise you, there are no consolidated SFPs to get your head around!!!

    Best wishes
  • deborahcarpenter
    deborahcarpenter Registered Posts: 161 Dedicated contributor πŸ¦‰
    well done Barry. Have a fab weekend of celebration!!!
  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492 Beyond epic contributor πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
    Nice one. I was chuffed when I got mine, never really had time to celebrate as I went straight into ACCA lol.
  • keane155
    keane155 Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor πŸ¦‰
    Well done Barry!! :) Have a great weekend!!
  • reddwarf
    reddwarf Registered Posts: 528 Epic contributor 🐘
    Congrats Barry, what a nice feeling it must be!
  • SandyHood
    SandyHood Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034 mod
    Well done Barry
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