So nervous re Unit 32 and Unit 15

OMG have sent in my practice skills test but am distance learner and was up against a time limit so no idea if I have answered as it should be answered.
Unit 15 is ok as there is a sample on the AAT web site but have no idea how Unit 32 Practice should be answered in terms of quoting section numbers and so on from the guide.
I havent done this just answered each question in general terms
Its a shame that there is no sample skills test for it on the AAT web site have relied on these in the past.

I found the unit 32 quite hard in terms of it seems to be all about interpretation and I have no idea on legalities and so on

Logically if I was presented with such things in real life I would consult my supervisor probably. Was doing Clarke Homer from Osbourne

The question on Eduring Heath where on receiving te paperwork in preparation for the accounts she had discovered that the bookkeeper has appeared to take a loan out of the business and the question on VAT in terms of the amount submitted differs from that due (it doesn't say if higher or lower) I didnt really have much of a clue on

Ah well hopefully I can pass this practice simulation so that I can get the actual one sent out at the end of next week.
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