Learnt a valuable lesson this week......

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I'm part way through my AAT Level 4 and have been really proud of what I've achieved so far, with working full time, running a business (x2) and caring for my disabled mother.

however, I've learnt a really valuable lesson over my last 2 exams..........................REVISION IS ESSENTIAL!!!!!!

I took my budgeting exam about 4 weeks ago and feel quietly confident about passing that one, however, took (the same day), my financial performance exam and am seriously confident that I've failed that one!

Then last week, took the financial statements exam having missed last 2 classes due to redundancy time in full time job. I also missed 2 months of work on this unit last winter due to a disruptive class, so decided to 'defer' my studying until most of that element left (when I've paid to study at a class I don't expect to sit watching 'kids' throw crap around). Anyway, I was given the chance to sit the financial statements last week if I felt confident enough (cos if I passed it then I wouldnt have to return in SEptember for 2 months to study the unit and do the exam then).

However, I've learnt from sitting that exam, how little I've studied. Picking up the books a day or so before an exam is a really silly approach (for me) and I think I'm about to pay the price for fannying around (pardon the expression).

Just wanted to say to fellow students who maybe like me really thought they'd be ok, that in order to take this seriously, we really do need to pick up our books and study............be as prepared as possible, the more studying - the more ratios and retained earnings etc will stick in our minds and come out on the exam paper.

I've given myself a good kicking up the a*** and whilst really looking forward to the personal taxation unit we start next week, also have some serious catch up to do on financial statements and performances to get back into gear for when I get my failed notice so I can resit.

Just wanted to share kicking myself. :(


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    Gud 4 u girl, u learnt it the hard way, but thanx 4 pasing on the advice 2 some like me. Revision is so essential and imperative esp in ths course. If everybody else could do so...thanx
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