So accroding to HMRC Investments are not tangible

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Ok, im using the New updated CT600 online submital, form, using to prep the stats as well as im being lazy.....omg why didn't i just type them out myself........

just drviing me nuts, chosing tanigible assets for my investments and bam, then i have to sub select them into :
Fixtures & fittings
Plant and property..

etc but no investments??


rant over


  • deanshepherd
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    Are investments tangible?
  • Bluewednesday
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    I thought they weren't either Dean, solooked it up

    Intangible assets - one definition says having no physical substance (which fits with an investment) and another definition says cannot be physically measured and non monetary (which doesn't fit an investment)

    I have always classified investments as intangible asset but maybe I'm wrong!
  • slackda
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    Well im goign on the basis that the old CT form would let you classfy them as tangible Fixed assets i agreed they are a little grey, but certainly for a holding company in a group structure i would argue that they are tangible as there a s business entity that has physical assets which can be measured....

    The new form in intangible assets your given the choice of other or goodwill.

    Having re read the front sheet of the form it states that the pdf accounts creation software is not suitable for companies with investments...
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