Are there any jobs out there for a trainee??

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I been searching for a jobs more central in accounts for about a year now and in that time I've only had 3 interviews. The last two I've come agonisingly close by getting to the final round of interviews only to then not get the job.

I find my morale for looking is getting lower and lower as feedback I keep getting is that I'm lacking expierence and my AAT qualification is far out waying my work expierence as I alot of what I do is admin based. I also fear I'm starting to forget what I've been learning all this time as I'm not putting into practice anything I've learnt which is making me all the more stressed.

Does anyone know if there any refresher courses I could do so I can keep up to date and any support on the job front.


  • Nikdoug
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    I know its not ideal but you could try offering your services for free in order to gain some work experience.

    You could also see what accountancy related courses your local college offer. For example computerised bookkeeping, sage courses etc. These will usually give you some sort of recognised qualification that may give you an "edge" over other job candidates.

    The AAT may also run events near you such as VAT updates etc. I haven't attend one myself yet though.

    Remember there are alot of other people in your position at the moment so keep on applying for jobs stay enthusiastic and your persistence will be rewarded.
  • janwal
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    I don't know if you have tried signing on with any agencies, most don't ask for a fee they get paid by the company when a person is placed, we employed our last 2 members of staff that way.
    Also if you know any small business people locally, they may let you have a go at their books before submitting them to the accountant, or a local charity, i know it would be free but would help keep your hand in so you don't forget everything.

  • taskey
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    i volunteer for a local scout group - it only takes a couple of hours each week, but i was able to use that as experience for my full membership too.

  • Sailorgirl
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    I do the books for my partners small sole trader business, and I volunteer locally at a charity. Same as taskey, it only takes 2 - 3 hours a week, but its all experience. I am only at level 2, but will definitely be doing Sage computerised and an Excel course. It all helps.
    I have another job, so am not getting demoralised, but I know its tough out there and would love to actually get a job involved with accounts, as opposed to what I do now.
  • Webby
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    Thank you for your responses, I understand what your saying in that it's tough out there and I'm lucky to just be in job I guess.

    I think I will look down the line of offering my services either to a charity group or local tradesmen. Also I think as suggested looking at Sage courses to perhaps stand out from the crowd sounds like a positive step in the right direction.
  • Webby
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    Just to update I've put my services out in the local free ads as a bookkeeper. Was just wondering how everyone managed to get set up and how they advertised themselves.
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