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I have recently been contacted by a company that will act as middle man between my contracting clients and their "employers" has anyone used these companies before I am tempted to try them as I have a client who may be subject to IR35 rules.

Also does anyone use advisors or consultants? We are only a small practice and between us we feel that we don't have enough specialist knowledge or to deal with certain issues. (investigations and IR35 mainly) does anyone use anyone for this type of work?



  • Bluewednesday
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    Any IR35 issues and we send them to Accountax which is based here in MK. We also recommend joining the PCG (Professional Contractors Group) for support and contract checks.
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    I have enough IR35 knowledge myself to deal with it in house, but I subcontract out CGT work to an ACCA chap I know, and have a tax specialist who I can refer more complicated things to. I think it's important to have good specialists to call on for the less routine things.
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