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I need alittle bit of advice, I have a new self employed client, he's worked for a company for 10 months of the year under the CIS scheme and previous to that spent 2 months claiming Job Seekers Allowance. When completing his end of year P and L and self assessment how would I go about recording his JSA? Has JSA been taxed at source? Is there a section on the tax return for JSA?

Thanks Leona


  • Monsoon
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    JSA goes on the main tax return (have a look through, I forget the box but it's pretty obvious I think). It is not usually taxed at source but they do issue a P45 so you should have the figures from that.
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    Thank you, I thought there would be a space for it, but I'm not at home and the PDF browser on this laptop has stopped working so I can't view form (everything conspires against me). Unfortunately my new client has kept virtually no paperwork including the P45, though he did have the good sense to keep his CIS statements. I'm relatively new to this and haven't had to use much of the tax form yet.

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    You just need the P45 and it is relatively straight forward.
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    box 14 page TR3
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    Thank you I've found it, and you're right monsoon, it was pretty obvious! Looks like a new laptop is required, if I'm going to be travelling around meeting clients, everything's dying on this one, and I think my dads old spectrum would be faster!
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