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Ok, Is it joking when it says 'You MUST print out a copy of the AAT's Guidelines and Professional Ethics from the AAT's website ( and refer to it as you work through the professional ethics unit.' - It is 87 pages long...! Do I neeed to read this? Do I neeed to print this? Can't I just make do with the condensed version in my book? :)

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  • PeteLC
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    AAT never joke!

    Yes you must print off all 87 pages and read every page!

    Print it out twice for good measure.

    Only kidding of course not! Just read the book and i am sure you will be fine!
  • Jo Clark
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    Hi Becca

    I agree with Pete. You could download it and save a copy on your PC just in case you want to refer to a section of it that is mentioned in your text book.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
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