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I am just starting out, and have 2 clients at the moment but looking to build on this, would like to ask other MIP's what kind of networking did you use to start out getting clients?
Looking to go to a local network event held every 1st Friday and wonder if this was a good idea?

Any advice would be great!


  • paulstafford
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    I have just started out and attending a networking group is working well for me, so far. I've picked up business to cover the cost of my annual membership fee within the first month.

    My meeting is weekly, which is going to be a commitment, but it does give you the opportunity to build relationships quickly with other members of the group.

    People say these groups usually work well for accountants.

    Why don't you go along and find out if it is for you?

    My group offers training courses on selling and presenting as part of the annual fee. I'm a typical accountant when it comes to marketing myself, ie i'm not very good at it! I'm hoping these courses will boost my confidence and offer some good ideas.
  • MHagger
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    MIP & Networking

    Thanks for your advice Paul, I will go along and see what it's all about.

    I know what you mean about Marketing ourselve's, not my natural way of thinking, give me figures anyday!

    Will let you know how it want.
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