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A brief explanation.

I've passed Personal Tax, but failed Financial Performance. Due to my father passing away in late Feb, I missed 6 weeks on Financial Statements and have attended just 3 college sessions on this unit. We are entering an Easter break before the exam on 7 May, but I do not feel prepared for it at all.

My options for the next 3 months before college end are therefore:

1. Retake Financial Performance (5 exams in 3 months).
2. Leave FP until new term, but revise for the FS forthcoming exam that I'm ill prepared for.
3. Leave FP and FS until new term, concentrate over easter on my Case Study and be ready for learning Budgeting and Business Tax in early May.

I'm currently in 'full time' work (college day excepted), have 2 young children, maintenance is badly needed on my own home and preparations still need to be attended to with my fathers' estate.

Your informed opinion would be most grateful, as I feel at a loss at the moment.

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    Go for the one that gives you the least stress at the moment.

    You need to deal with a lot of things outside work and study, and I think those might need some priority over the study.

    If you have the energy to work, study and deal with the rest, than go for it, but I don't think it would be the healthy choice and more likely the way to get a burn out.

    Try to decide for yourself what is the most important now and how much study (if any at all) you would feel comfortable doing with all the rest that is going on.

    Prioritize and keep your sanity in mind. Don't press yourself too much.

    Hope that makes sense!

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