Major panic over Professional ethics paper arriving on time

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What a nightmare.
Submitted my assessement for whether I can take the skills test
My distance learner is up against it as they are inunadated with last minute assessements so its taking about a week to turn em around.
Today is the last day to send out skills tests and I have been approved only to discover that they dont have any in stock ahhhhhh. So they have to order them from the AAT which may take
This means potentially the skills tests wont arrive before easter.
and the week after there are only 3 working days with the monday as a bank hol and also the friday and the following monday. I would have to sit the skills test on the tuesday the 26th to get it back to them by the 28th to meet the 30th April Deadline.
OMG what a panic

Does anyone know if under the diploma pathway old skills tests if you can pass Level 3 without Profesional Ethics as I understand this can be done at level 4 as well.

I have unit 5,6,15, and have submitted unit 31 part 1,2 and 3 so the only one left is unit 32
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