can you complete level 3 without Professional Ethics

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Hi there,

I am being told by my provider that I must complete Ethics before being awarded the certificate of level 3 completion.

but when I signed up Ethics could be done at level 3 or level 4.

I have done everything else so I dont understand why I can't pass level 3, and then move on to level 4.

Once on level 4 I intend to switch to the new standards to do the porject under the new standards as not enough time to complete it under the old.
I have only unit 32 and Unit 10 left


anyone been given level 3 diploma pathway without ethics


  • Ampsie
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    I was allowed to move onto Level 4 before i had done Ethics Unit, but i didn't get my certificate for Level 3 until i had completed the unit.

    Hope that helps
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