can you complete level 3 without Professional Ethics

Hi there,

I am being told by my provider that I must complete Ethics before being awarded the certificate of level 3 completion.

but when I signed up Ethics could be done at level 3 or level 4.

I have done everything else so I dont understand why I can't pass level 3, and then move on to level 4.

Once on level 4 I intend to switch to the new standards to do the porject under the new standards as not enough time to complete it under the old.
I have only unit 32 and Unit 10 left


anyone been given level 3 diploma pathway without ethics


  • Molly76
    Molly76 Registered Posts: 10 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    I got Ethics to do under the old rules too, sorry to dissappoint you. There is an option to switch to the new qualification if you cannot make it by the deadline in June. I am not sure what it would involve, but it is worth finding out. I may need to do it myself because Kaplan distance learning the real deadline is to sit all assessments by the end of April so they can be assessed by the end of June.
  • lisagreenwood
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    I have completed all units apart from unit 32 and are told i must do this to finish the level before the end of April. My test is on the 28th. I could go on to the new system without it, but there would be other units to complete then that were not to do under the old way. I guess just getting unit 32 is easier although what a unit it has been. I'm not looking forward to the exam, fingers crossed.
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