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Hi all,

I have just taken on a new client who needs their payroll year end returns submitting before the deadline and who (thankfully) has their own online HMRC login details registered for this service.

The only problem is that they had an employee who worked for them for one week of the year but who has not had a P45 submitted to HMRC online. This is not really a problem but I have no address for this employee and I honestly don't think my client will know this address. My payroll software, moneysoft, will not let me submit the P45 online without an address.

Any suggestions? What would be the effect if I put the address as the address of the workplace? Doing this is obviously wrong but, unless my client can find out ASAP the address of the employee I don't know how to remedy the situation. Also, I really should know this, but does it matter if I submit the P35 and P14's before I submit the P45?


  • Monsoon
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    I have submitted an address as 1, TBC before now and not had a rejection (!)

    Also, I don't see the problem with submitting the P35 before the P45 but if they left a good while ago then it might be better to get it submitted first/ at the same time
  • zara5034
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    I have previously used the company address as a C/O address.
  • KaelaH
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    As far as I'm aware the address isn't what's important, it's the insurance number. I know that the police do not put addresses on their payroll for security reasons and they're filed without a problem
  • babsa
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    I have put the employers address down before and put C/O.

    I used moneysoft also.
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