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hope someone can help me (audit again)

i have the extract from accounting system notes about sales, debtors, purchases, expenses, creditors and payroll and i have to find the following

area of accounting system
controls in existence
additionals controls to be implemented

now reading through the background info there are no controls, no segregation of duties, no authorisation on payments, cheques are presented for signature with no invoices attached. i cannot see anywhere where there are controls.

now i have 2 pages to fill, but i think i cannot write NONE in the controls in existence column. i have lots of controls to be implemented, but cannot see any that are already there.

can someone point me in the direction of something i might have missed

thanks in advance



  • Rinske
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    Who signs off the cheques? That might be a form of control, even if they don't get checked to the invoice?

    Sorry haven't got much more to add to this, Is it possible to write something about the lack of control and high risk instead in that column, rather than any specific controls?
  • taskey
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    thanks rinske, yes that is what i did. i did a couple of controls, but the majority was controls to be added.

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