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Time for a rant, I have a credit card that I use all the time and pay off weekly what I have spent each week> I went online to check my account and found that my last payment hadn't cleared, despite having had 5 days to do so. When I rang my credit card supplier to find out why, I was told the payment had been put on hold as a risk payment! When I asked why the very nice operator proceeded to ask me lots of questions:-

Were you over your limit when payment was made- No
Are you having disputes over anything to do with your card- No
Was the money in the bank to make the payment- yes (although not now because you have it!)
Did you make the payment in a different way to usual-No

and so on.... my account never even incurs interest as it's always paid off before it's due.

He couldn't understand why and went off to check with his supervisor, apparently it was classed as risk because I had paid into the account, throughout the month, more than half my credit limit, so what he's saying is if you have a credit limit of £5000 you can't pay more than £2500 in per month without your payment being put on hold as a risk!

I was absolutely astounded, surely if my bank let hem have the money, then there is no risk.



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    Bankers: lower than paedophiles...
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    Not quite in the same league of stupidity, but my business bank, who might be Santander, kept making automated calls to my home phone at anti social hours, to try and confirm the recent activity on my bank account was not fraudulent. I wouldnt have minded except one of the transactions they were querying was a tenner spent at the Co-op; I spend small amounts in there multiple times every week...... One of the other transitions was a small value online purchase, again, in my normal spending pattern. D'oh......
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