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Hi there,

Is it possible to study the operational level of CIMA with just the books and go it alone? I looked at the costs of tuition and it looks like it would work out at around £1500-£2000 to complete the operational level at a college and I cannot afford those costs.

Any advice from self study students on the forums would be much appreciated.



  • Rinske
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    It can be done, depending on your motivation and dedication. It's difficult but should be doable.

    Just remember that CIMA is a step up from AAT and a lot will be on how to answer questions it seems.

    We got a further studies part in the forums where you can also find some more CIMA tips etc, which can be very helpful! Have a look there, it might help you make up your mind.

    Also, it might be worth just buying one of the textbooks and practice kits and see how you get on with it before making up your mind.
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    I have self studied and passed cima units also because of the cost of any tuition. I think the biggest problem is motivation, especially if you have nobody to talk to or anyone else who is even interested in it. Try talking to someone about the learning curve theory or linear programming, unsuprisingly they are not really interested. It may be helpful to also invest in the audio cd's, I listened to them on the way to work - not very exciting but some of it definately sticks after a while.
  • oli
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    Thanks for the info guys, I looked through an E1 practice paper today, definately a big step up from AAT, also thanks for letting me know about the audio cd's, I'm always listening to music so i can exchange that for learning on my walk to and from work :-)
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    I think it's definitely worth giving self study a try! Save loads of money.
  • SandyHood
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    You are spot on with the fee range.
    We charge £600 per paper (this includes books) so that is £1800
    but will increase this to £630 per paper next academic year £1890.

    We also have revision weekends (Friday and Saturday) which are included in each course, but do allow self-studying students to join in. £210 at the moment, so probably slightly more next year.

    E1 is a good one to study on your own, but be wary when you come to check your answers.
    The examiner publishes one possible solution, but markers will have a more detailed recognition of what to give marks to and not to reward.

    I taught this on Saturday mornings a couple of years ago in its previous form, and tended to focus on the marking of work.
    Once you've seen a few marked essays, you'll recognise that being different to the model answer doesn't mean you are wrong.

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    I studied all of CIMA through Home Study, ( and passed !) but I did book myself onto a couple of revision courses for the higher level papers, just to ensure I was on the right track. Good Luck !
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    Congratulations on passing CIMA, and all through home study that is a big achievement. How many exams did you take per sitting? My plan is to pass AAT, study E1 through distance learning and sit the exam in November, then sit F1 and P1 in May 2012.
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