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Hi Guys & Girls

I have been really struggling with the Unit 10 Project at the minute and do not seem to be getting anywhere with it. I have told my tutors how much I am struggling but don't feel that the feedback is helping me any. I know the deadline is fast approaching and with the upcoming exam also I'm feeling the pressure a bit too much and am so close to just quitting the course, I cannot even start on any revision while trying to concentrate on this. I know I am not stupid, it's just figures are more my thing rather than writing, but I'm beginning to feel stupid. After 4 years doing this I know it will be a bad desicion on my part but I don't know where else to turn for the support I need and it is getting to the point it has me in tears.
The parts I'm most struggling to even make a start on are the Management Summary, the Metholodgy and the Implentation Section. I am doing my project on the Spartan simulation and wondered if anybody had any useful notes or hints of writing these sections.

Sorry for the rant but I do feel at my wits end with this now.

Kind Regards


  • Siobhan Carmel
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    Hi Sazrah

    I am very concerned about the close deadline as well, but feel we owe it to ourselves never to give up.

    We've come this far - we must not give in now.

  • purple19m
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    Hi i've also done the Spartan one and found once things get started it will flow quite well, i've actually gone over the word count now, i used the criteria and just reread what i had written over and over and added things in and it just built up.

    I'll give you the tips i was given for mine, hopefully they will help.

    Management Summary - write an overview that of the whole report to engage the reader and make them want to read the rest. The main recommendations and benefits of them, it can seem like your repeating your benefits and recommendations but your really just summarising them - pretend your writing it for someone who is too lazy to read the whole thing and your trying to get them interested to read it.

    methodology - 1 - how the report has been put together - i.e you have assessed, researched and planned. You role in the report, stating your the writer

    2 - how you have carried out the the above, as in books, internet, case study

    3 - acknowledgements - e.g tutor guidance.

    4 - set time frames - as in research and first draft by x date and final draft by x date

    Implentation - i have recommendations and cost benefit analysis headings i listed each recommendation and for every weakness i listed the reason why i made the recommendation and then for cost benefit analysis i listed each recommendation and then put a cost explanation and then a benefit.

    e.g. back up hard drive
    cost - £X for the hard drive and benefit : data not lost in event of pc crash.

    hope I have helped a bit, it will be completed before you know it!

    Good Luck

  • sazrah
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    Thanks for your responses, they are very helpful. I've spoken to some people at college too and I am going to give this project one last bash. :)
  • Loz1234
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    I'm doing the Spartan simulation too and am finding it so hard.

    I've only done the Management of People section and the System section. I'm starting to feel like giving up though.

    I'm going to see how I get on with the exam I have in June but if I fail that I may just give up. After all life is for living and I'm not sure it will help me in my career anymore anyway, as I started AAT thinking I would go on to do my accountancy but I've absolutely had enough of studying now and won't be doing that.

    What system have you based your report on?

    Maybe we could help each other through this crueling topic!!
  • purple19m
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    I based my report on the petty cash and payroll systems there are plenty of weaknesses there, i started by writing each weakness and the reason why it was a weakness and then wrote a recommendation to improve each weakness and how it would improve it.

    Then the cost benefit is just showing the cost and benefits of each recommendation.

    I wrote a memo as an appendix to cover some critera.

    Don't give up, you WILL get there in the end! You have some this far so you know you are an achiever so you only have whats left to complete, imagine how you will feel when it is done! So proud of yourself, thats what i think when i feel demotivated. The day will arrive!

    What exam have you got to do in june? I have DFS and i will be completed, just got to put in the effort to make sure i can pass, feel like i'm reading a foreign language right now but i know after a few rereads it will make sense and sink in!
  • Loz1234
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    I'm sitting PCR in June but still have DFS to do.

    I was supposed to sit PCR in December but it got cancelled because of all the snow then I couldn't make to re-sits so I've had to wait till june.

    Will probably do DFS as a CBA as I'll have to transfer. I'm not looking froward to DFS though, it looks like a right nightmare!

    Well I'm cracking on with my unit 10 and attempting to study for PCR then will just have to wait and see what happens after that, if I fail PCR though I will so want to give up.

    Good luck with your studying and I'm sure you'll make sense of DFS, you got through Unit 10 ok!
  • rehana
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    As Unit 10 graduate, I can say that there was many a time when I hated every minute of this unit . But having your passed it ,the satisfaction is great. Keep at it most of us hated it but it is just another challenge on the road to achieving your qualification.
    Good Luck
  • sazrah
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    Sorry guys, I haven't logged in for a little bit so didn't see your responses.

    Loz - I am doing my project on the Credit control side of the company. How are you getting on with yours?

    I have taken a little break from it so hopefully can go back to it refreshed. I've also started a bit of revision for my financial statements exam so I don't feel so bogged down by it all. Also, after emailing my tutor to explain just how hard I was finding it and how close I was to given it all up she wants to see me and said I'm not too far away from finishing it. Still a bit to go though I reckon.
  • Loz1234
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    Hi Sazrah

    I'm doing mine on the credit control and sales side as that is what I am familiar with so would hopefully be able to right a fairly decent report.

    I just cant study at home so I am trying to do my report during my lunch at work and then I am attempting to revise for the PCR exam in June by working 1 night a week till 9 at work as that is the only time I will study.

    If I go home and attempt to study I would find anything else to do that isn't studying like ironing or even just staring at the wall!

    I'm really struggling to get the motivation to do it at the moment.

    How are you finding everything? Let me know what your tutor says to you.
  • sazrah
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    Haha I'm the same usually. I try to do a little bit while I'm a bit quite at work on an afternoon. Me and a friend have decided we are going to do a study evening for financial statements every Tuesday starting from next week so hopefully we go ahead with this and don't make our excuses :).

    How far through are you then? I've done about 3000 words so far but still need to do a fair bit so may need to cut some.
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