Spreadsheet unit in new standards level 3

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On level 3 of the new standards there is a a unit called spreadsheets. Is this the same as the accounting skills or the working with computers sim?

So wondering as I am thinking about transferring to the new standards and was curious if I would have to do this one.



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    If units completed under level 3 (Advanced Certificate) of AAT Diploma Pathway the following exeptions are availabe under new level 3 QCF qualifications

    Unit 5 Financial Accounting ( exemption from AP1 and AP2 under the new QCF)
    Unit 6 Costing (exemption from Costs & Revenues under the new QCF)
    Unit 15 OCCR (exemption from Cash Management (L3) and Credit Control (L4))
    Unit 31 Accounting work skills ( exemption from ITX under new QCF)
    Unit 32 Ethics (No exemption from NEW Ethics because AAT have now adopted IFAC guide lines on ethics)

    It is advisable to fully complete all 4 units under the AAT diploma patway and start Level 4 under QCF

    If you can't complete the Advance Certificate you can transfer to the QCF and do the following units to acheive level 3

    AP1 Accounts preparation 1 - you will be exempted
    AP2 Accounts oreoaration 2 - you will be exempted
    CRS costs and revenue - same as Unit 6 costing
    CMGT cash management - 50% of old unit 15 cash/credit management
    ITX Indirect Tax - VAT - some of unit 31 specifically VAT, but this unit is now more detailed on VAT
    SPSW - a new unit on Spreadsheets now introduced. This is nothing like old computerised unit but is all about setting up spreadsheets and using spreadsheets to produce management reports
    PEAF - New Ethics Unit based on the new IFAC ethics guide lines. No exemption if old ethics unit passed.

    based on what you have acheived so far, you will have to do all the units except for AP1 & AP2
    If you get the 3 skills tests completed and pass ECR you move on to Level 4
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