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I am looking into studying CIMA once I have finished my AAT Technician level next year but I am so confused by the different study routes available.
Full time? Part time? Self Study?

In an ideal world, I would like to go to university and study CIMA full-time, but I am yet to find somewhere that offers that.
The best I've found is studying two days a week at DMU (Weds & Thurs).

Does any one on here study CIMA? If so, how did you go about gaining your professional qualification?

I'm trying to avoid Kaplan or BPP so that I can study through a college or university.

Any advice or information will be really appreciated (:


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    The only full-time courses I've seen were through private colleges in London, though I've never really looked into it in detail.

    I studied for my early papers with study at Reed Business School, then some home study for the next, before continuing with a combination of BPP (mainly), Reed and FTC. Any particular reason you favour a college or unit? I found that the private providers I used had the reputations for success and the presentation of the courses (particularly BPP) was far superior to any college or uni courses I had attended in the past. I think it's more important to find a provider that will ensure the best possibility of success rather than the type of college.

    If you want to go to uni, have you considered taking a degree that would grant plenty of exemptions?

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    Give Premier a ring they are a distance learner but could give you some advise on how it will all work etc
    you will get some exemptions if you have completed Level 4 I think
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    I think that Chichester College is a good place for P1 P2 E1 E2 F1 and F2

    We are looking at P3 E3 and F3, but won't start until we can maintain the standard we have at operations and management level

    I have no plans to do T4, and would recommend you to look at the big private colleges where they can have dedicated staff to investigate the specifics of the case study at a level that could only be possible when there are a lot of students on their various courses.

    I guess if a case study looked as if it matched my understanding, I'd probably contact one of these colleges rather than offer it at Chichester.
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    SandyHood wrote: »
    I have no plans to do T4...

    Similar issue to my local Uni, they don't do the case study either. I wonder if it's a trend with colleges and unis?

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