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Credit Management

Shell BShell B Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 95

I am starting the above unit and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good book apart from osborne.

Also if anyone has done the exam already what ddi you think to it???


Shell B


  • linzip1703linzip1703 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 35
    I did the credit management exam in March.
    I didnt have a book for this as our tutor gave us all the info needed.
    The first part of the exam is all multiple choice questions - and these were ok
    The 2nd part was more a written paper and it was all about credit policies.
    We had to work out 4 key ratios and then analyse a credit policy for about 20 companies and we had to advise what action should be taken for each account.

    Good luck
  • Shell BShell B Feels At Home Registered Posts: 95
    Thanks for replying

    Did you do the 2nd part on computer??? how long did you get?

    Did you pass?


  • nonmugglesuenonmugglesue Feels At Home Registered Posts: 39
    I too have just done the exam, the first part was 1 hour but TBH you won't need that time, the second part was 2 hours with 15 minutes reading time, although I did it in the time most of the others in my class found it not enough time.

    I did pass but as a heads up you need 70%
  • linzip1703linzip1703 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 35

    We were allowed 2 hrs 15 mins but i completed in 1 hr 30 mins.
    Im not sure if i passed as we havent been told by the tutor yet.

    But i work in credit control so its all stuff i do on a day to day basis.

    Good luck with your exam.
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