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I recently sat a PCR cbe exam in march. I got told by my college that it would be the same as the old sllyabus as that is what i am currently studying on.

This is my last exam and put alot of time and effort into revising so that i felt 100% in passing, however when i got into my exam, it was only 2hour 30 mins which was a shock because no one had told me it wasnt as long as a paper based exam.

Also there were questions on there that i didnt know ( had seen the wording but needed to have been taught it to know the answer)

I have put a complaint in and through college and the AAT but they have both said that they will not allow me a free exam if they do mark me unsuccesful i will have to then go through the appeal procedure. To top that when i spoke to the AAT they told me that i would also be hit with the late fee for sitting the june paperbased exam, and after a bit of a fight they agreed that it wouldnt be fair and that they would wave it.

I have since been informed that the exam the AAT sat me on was the new budgeting exam and the AAT just called it PCR!!!!

I really feel disappointed with the service i have had, and was just wondering if anybody else who is on the old sllyabus who sat a cbe exam because they thought it would be quicker has had simualr problems????

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