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I'm trying out VT+ using the free trail and have a question for you VT users out there. I like it so far.

Is there any way to get a list of all the customers or suppliers with their contact details? Something along the lines of a Sage Customer address details report. Ideally I'd like the report to show all suppliers/customers with address, telephone etc all in one report. If this does not exist is there any work around?

Thank you VT people, I might be back with more!


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    Hi GinnyBee

    I've been using VTT+ since September. I don't think you can do what you want with VTT+, but I may be wrong.

    There is a discussion group in Accounting Web you may be interested to browse:


    I suspect it's probably be just as easy to run it as a separate database.

    If you haven't got Access you can do a simple mailmerge in Word; or if you want a free database program then you can download openoffice which has equivalent programs writer (word), calc (excel), base (access), draw and impress (powerpoint) for free


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