Where to apply to gain accounts experience?

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Hi Folks

I am currently studying the AAT and out of work at the moment.

Can someone please advice what type of employers I should apply for to get the relevant accountancy experience in sales/purchase ledger/book keeping etc? Shall I concentrate on applying to local accountants or any local small/medium sized firms? What about sole traders e.g. painters/decorators/window cleaners etc?

Thanks in advance for your response.


  • guinea pig
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    Hi, In a large organisation, each role will probably be very specialist, so a smaller company may offer a better overview. Sole Traders probably would do the basics, and then pass their records to an accountant to complete. (I was a self-employed retailer for many years,and this is what I did)
    It all depends on where you are, and the local job market. In the meantime, have you thought about doing voluntary work? When between jobs, I did a couple of months in the audit office of a large charity, which was great experience, and I'm sure helped me get my next job. There are often local charities looking for someone to do a few hours bookeeping a week.
    Good luck!
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