Unit 31 Part 3

Hi there
does anyone have an example of a completed Unit 31 Part 3. The ones on the AAT web site for example D1980 and D1990 that are under myAAT at https://www.aat.org.uk/myaat/unit/item13760/.
I know unit 31 Part 3 has no right answers but am curious about the layout and format of the answers.
for example I need to do a file and am not sure how best to present this

thanks in advance



  • Sparkly
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    I did this assessment recently. There was a question booklet, and an answer booklet provided. Some of the questions I had to answer in the spaces provided in the answer bookelt, others I had to produce word documents for my answers. It was clearly stated in the instructions which questions required word documents to be produced. The instructions also stated that they were to all be labelled (I used footers) with my name and the date completed and then presented in a folder, perferably one of those with a lear front so the assessor could see the title page clearly.
    I hope this helps.
  • Marga
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    Hi i did this sim on D2065

    dont have a copy though but i have the answers i sent lol

    Task 1 was to put together your CV
    Task 2 was to send an email re policy for personal development
    Task 3 was to actually write a Personal Development plan
    Task 3b was to give pros and cons of several scenarios of learning
    Task 4 was to give procedures and examples for risk and illness on different categories
    Task 5 was to give some improvements on some given ways of saving data/information and what was the best approach
    Task 6 was to fill in a table with own personal tasks to specific questions in your workplace like "Suggest 3 precautions you can take to ensure the security of computer hardware"

    I put all in a word document with the name of the simulation and my name and AAT number etc and saved it on a pen drive and sent it also by email

    Hope that is of help
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    Hey thanks guys,

    was really after the completed answer from the web site but I completed it anyway. I had a question re the diary which had hardly any space for diarising tasks and splitting them out, guess I work at a more detailed level so i found it quite hard and wasnt sure what was expected.
    In the end I completed a Word document which was formated with heading and footings and presneted it in a bound file.

    I did find one of questions quite hard however as one part has the word risk assessment report on top of the rough working part in the answer booklet but requires a Word Processed report in describing 4 situation of conflict/diffculty under the headings - Work demands, Clashing Personalities, different work style and status differences. again no right and wrong answes but wasnt sure about the risk assessement bit of conflict sitations. certainly not the risk assessement I had studied in the book. Maybe I was trying too hard

    anway hopefully I have passed that as that was the remaining skills test i had to complete which was in fact a left over from Level 2 which I hadnt appreciated i had to complete since I started at Level 3. So did things in a bit of a random order doing exams for Level 3 and level 4 and skills test for Cash management and professional ethics before completing all three parts of Accounting Work skills.

    I like to be wierd. Lol
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