.biz domain name - any good?

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hi i am currently in the process of setting up as mip. i have decided on a company name but when i have come to register the domain the usual .co.uk,.com and .net have already been snapped up. this doesnt surprise me but after trying a few variations i am left with .biz or a few other less appealing options.

does anyone know if .biz are any good. i know that the content of the website is the same regardless but im thinking in terms of SEO and credibility. for some reason i seem to associate .biz with spammers and i also dont know why these domains seem to be so much more expensive to register? (around fifteen quid a year opposed to 2.99 for a .co.uk).

a glimmer of hope is that the .co.uk domain i had my eye on has never been modified since it was registered two years ago. im hoping it has been forgotten about and will become available when it expires around june.

i would appreciate peoples thoughts with regards to .biz if you wouldnt mind?



  • PGM
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    Obviously .biz isn't as good as .com or .co.uk, but its so hard to get good web site names these days that you could well be better with .biz if you can prefix it with something suitable.
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    Google what it's like on the SEO front - that to me is one of the most important things.

    Personally, .biz makes me cringe. I think a normal TLD looks far more professional. If I was faced with Monsoon.biz or something-different.co.uk I would go with the latter. I am sure you can use the name you want, plus something SEO friendly on a .co.uk TLD.

    Edit: I am pretty sure having a UK TLD helps SEO.
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