Transition to Revised Qualification (QCF) and exemptions....

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Hi there!

Very confused at the moment!

I'm finding it really hard to find out how to transfer to the new standards - anyhow here's the story...

I am currently on the NVQ route and have passed all the sims and exams EXCEPT for the blasted project!

I finished all of my exams back in 2008 and made a start on my project then took a break to have a baby and had a years maternity leave. Fast forward to this deadline and I still haven't submitted my project.

Meanwhile, as I didn't want to waste anytime I enrolled with the ACCA and gained exemptions from F2 and F3, I then went onto sucessfully take and pass F1 and a few more.

I have contacted my learning provider about my project (as the deadline for submission for them was 30th April - Saturday!) and they said that as my original project plan was over 2 years old I would need to start from scratch, get it approved, do my project and submit it by tomorrow! So clearly that ISN'T going to happen! i will need to transfer to the new framework and do ICAS (equivalent of Unit 10 MSP)

So I was looking through here and I came across this document...

and it clearly shows that exemption can be gained from one part of ICAS if I have ACCA F1 (which I do). Now my question is - is there a way of meeting the criteria to do the second part of ICAS without doing the project? Or is that just too hopeful?

I really don't want to have to start over again!

Sorry for the long story!


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    I would call the AAT and have a word with them about it. They are very helpful.
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