Anyone using Kaplan for distance learning Unit 10?

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Hi guys!

Another question!

As mentioned before, i am stuck between a rock and a hard place!

I have as good as done my project, it just needs a bit of updating and my line manager to sign it off and then to post it (by tomorrow afternoon!).

Kaplan have sent me a list of the things that I need to submit and some of them I have no clue what they are talking about!

I am trying to decide whether to pull an all nighter (used to it with a baby!) to get this done, or just transfer to the new framework and submit my project under that (will have to pay £160 though!) - also I am starting a new job in 3 weeks so would probably have to do the simulation so would have to start completely from scratch :( I am so close yet so far!

Anyway the things that I don't know what they are talking about are as follows:

3 Student Records (cross referenced to your project, with a detailed description in the ‘evidence’ box, every box needs to be filled in)

4 Unit Evidence Summary Form (signed and dated by student)

7 Project Checklist – (Detailed list)

Is anybody else with Kaplan (or not!) and know what this means? If i can work out what these mean I can decide whether to get on or give up!

Many thanks!

P.S. I have emailed and called them zillions of times (well prior to the deadline) and they just never get back to me - so much for distance learning!


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