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hi all, just after a bit of advice please. im just about to complete mt AAT and am hoping maybe to find some bookkeeping work, I am going to advertise locally but does anyone know of any other places I could advertise my services? also what to charge? is it best to charge an agreed fee or by the hour?

hope someone can help
Thank you



  • Bracken
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    Hi Jennie, Advertise loacaaly is good, I emailed all the loacal accountancy firms the small ones to see if they may have anything and have now secured a regular bookkeeping job with one. Before I got this job though I did look on There is alot of american buisness on their but some UK work too. Basically people advertise what they want doing and you bid for it. My friend has got alot of work from it and clients as she found when she did a good job they got back in touch when they wanted more doing. Just an idea for you to consider.
    Good Luck
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