advice on whether to continue studies ot not.....

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I am 2 exams away from finishing the Technician level (hopefully i pass first time) and im really confussed as to whether to continue on to ACCA or not.

I'm stuck doing a senior PL role with no obvious prospects of going further in my job at work, the money is pretty crap, and if i carry on my studies with work i will be tied in to a 2yr contract. I know i shouldn't complain about that as i know how difficult jobs are at the moment but find that im heading to college in my own time for basically nothing as i cant advance.
The trouble is i dont want to do what i have done in the past and take a year out as im finding it really difficult to stay motivated and remember all the stuff i have learnt previously - especially as i dont use it on a day to day basis.

So im asking those who are in the same situation or have been there for a little advice, as i dont want all my hard work to be for nothing.

Oh and to make matters a little more interesting im also planning my wedding for next year so thats also eating away at what little time i have spare.

I know it prob sounds as though im having a good old moan, but im totally lost and could really do with some help, guidance and encouragement.

Thanks peeps!


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    This is a big question.

    If you don't tie yourself into the 2 year learning contract, what would your other plans be?

    Where do you want to be with your career? And by when?

    Combined with home much experience you already have?

    Also, theres nothing wrong with taking a few years out between AAT and ACCA. As long as it fits into your overall career plan, as it gives you more time to build up experience and come back at it with more motivation.

    Although if doing ACCA is your plan to get out of P/L, you may want to do it sooner rather than later.
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    I would at least wait till the wedding is over though, as you sound like that is taking up quite a bit of time.

    As PGM says, there is nothing wrong with taking a few years out, so if you decide to wait a bit longer after the wedding is over, it doesn't matter for your study. It just matters for your career plan.

    How does the two year contract work? Because my study contract is for the duration of the course and then two years after that. Although quite frankly, I don't see it as being tied in with the company, but just that if I leave before, I will have to pay them back, which is no disaster either, just one thing to keep in mind. (And to negotiate with a new employer if needed).
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    Well I certainly would not advise starting ACCA unless you are 110% committed to it.

    ACCA is a tough course and I'm just trying to get through each exam without tuition at present due to financial constraints.

    It seems to me if you have been having motivational issues with AAT it would be best leaving further progression until you decide what you want to do.
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