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I am doing my 1st Ltd co accounts, and new to using VT accounts software, and it doesn't seem to have a Directors Current Account on the TB.

As they have sage I am manually inputting the TB, and can't find where to post the Directors current account figure.

Please Help....


  • Monsoon
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    By default it is Other Creditors or Other Debtors.

    If you want to show it by name, go to the Notes tab, and find the detail on Debtors. Click on the cell 'Other Debtors.'
    In the Addins menu goto Tools and Insert and Insert financial Row. Then name the cell.
    Now go back to the TB tab and it will be there.

    If its a creditor, do the same but for creditors.

    This is generally how you add extra cells in VT, you have to do it on the detail sheet and not the TB or basic PL or BS. I usually add a financial row for Accruals for example as opposed to lumping it in with other creditors.

    Save your file before you do it and look it up in the help if you get stuck!
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    Hi Jenni,

    Thanks alot for your help, new to using program was trained on IRIS.

    Thanks again

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